Exterior Tuning

We offer tuning your car, installing bumper tubes, side thresholds, rear protection, spoilers, roof rails, chrome package, window and door deflectors (windscreens), hood (flywheel) deflectors, dashboard decor, visors, towbars, hub caps, caps and other body kit items.

Bumper tubes is front protection of the car – will add to the beauty of your car and protect the bumper from damage. The bumper tubes can be high, medium, low, with “fangs”, or with an inscription. All these details can be specified before installation. Our experts will find the best solution for you so that your car is really unique.

Side thresholds is side protection installed to protect your car from the sides, they also decorate the car and make a “step” for the convenience of passengers. Side thresholds can be made from a pure nickel-plated pipe, as well as from a pipe with a sheet thus distinguishing your car among others.

Rear protection is installed for the purpose of exterior decor and rear protection of the car.

Spoiler is a decorative device on the car to reduce air resistance.

Roof rails are decorative and functional add-on on the roof of the car serving as decor and allowing to carry cargo on the car rooftop. To improve the ability to transport cargo on the roof of the car, order and install additional rack – fasteners to secure the baggage carried.

Chrome package is decorative lining or rims on car glass, mirrors, external (internal) door handles, thresholds, (rear, front) bumpers, radiator grills, fuel tank hatches, license plates, lower edges of the luggage compartment lid, as well as lining around headlights, molding of doors, glass, frames under a license plates, edging of side turn signals, an anti-fog lights and other shiny ornaments of your vehicle to distinguish it from all the others.

Door and window deflectors, hood deflectors are parts made of special plastic, protecting windows and doors from rain while driving with open windows and the windshield from catching small insects while driving.

Dashboard decoration is plastic or chrome plated panels attached upon the dashboard decorating interior and enhancing the aesthetic attractiveness of your vehicle.

Windshield visor is a plastic plate covered with some padding materials over the front glass, protecting the eyes of drivers and passengers from the glare of sunlight thus  improving visibility during driving at bright sunny day.

Towbar is a towing mechanism, by means of which it is possible to tow trailers or other vehicles.

Hub caps and caps are tuning components of the vehicle increasing its manageability, improving its functionality and emphasizing its individuality, and uniqueness.

All the tuning components are of high quality, factory made, we provide installation of them on the customer’s car.

Bumper tubes

Door sill scuff plates

Rear bumper protection

Roof rails

Сhrome package

Steering wheel, Aqua Print