Vehicle Glass

We offer installation (replacement) service, as well as tinting your vehicle glass. Our specialists will replace the broken windshield with a new one; in order to do this they dismantle the old glass, clean the metal parts of rust and corrosion, degrease it, prepare for gluing, glue the glass and install plastic parts and molding. And also, we provide the popular service of cutting out sheet metal and making aftermarket side and rear windows or replacing the glass in the existing ones. In order to do this, our workers cut out a hole in the metal of the appropriate size, degrease and glue the glass. If you want the glass to look as beautiful as possible on your vehicle, it is possible to put silicone around the perimeter of the glass. you can also order the service of connecting the system of electric heating of the rear windows of the car.

The service of toning and washing off the tint film from the car glass is rather popular with our clients. In order to do this our specialists apply the tint film to the glass to protect the interior of the vehicle from the bright sun, and we also can wash off or replace the burnt or scratched tint film. Tint films can be of different density, up to the maximum black, making the glass appear almost like silkscreen (rim around the edge of the glass). We use only high-quality film for glass tinting.

And also there is an option to install a ventilating unit onto your vehicle. It is a glass with a vent opening, which can be opened or closed, if necessary. Such glass is a great solution to bring fresh air into the car in hot weather.

Glass with a vent opening

Toning of autoglass

Front, side, back Vehicle Glass