Vehicle Interior Heating

In order not to freeze in the winter, we suggest you install a car heating system. Our specialists can also install heated car seats. The procedure is as follows, the seat is dismantled, the heating is mounted under the upholstery, its controls are attached to easily accessible places for the driver, and so the driver can warm his back while sitting in the car in winter.

And also we install the heating system, working from the cooling system of the car. The principle of operation is very simple – when the engine is running, it is heated and the antifreeze is used to cool it. Our specialists will connect heating system and car radiators to the car cooling system and the car interior will be warmed up during the cold season, so that the passengers are as comfortable as possible.

And there is an option to install independent heaters, working independently from the engine, that is, they heat the car even when the engine is off. These independent heaters take up fuel from the tank, so that the inside of the vehicle stays warm, turning on and off to maintain a set temperature inside.

We can also install engine block heater, which heats the engine oil, so that so that the vehicle starts in frigid weather without any problems.

We provide a warranty from the manufacturer’s factory for car heating systems, car radiators and autonomous car heaters, and apart from that we also provide a warranty for the installation works.