We offer the service of sunroof installation for additional ventilation and comfort of the passengers. If the customer wishes, it is possible to install a sunroof, the top cover of which is made of quality glass or metal. Sunroofs come with a mechanical or electrical opening system for maximum user convenience.

In addition to the increased ventilation of the vehicle interior during the hot season, the sunroofs also perform an emergency function. May God guard you from accidents, but if need be you can leave the car through the opening of the sunroof.

Another popular service is sunroof insulation (with silicone) of pre installed sunroof, if it is leaking. It is possible to eliminate such a problem. To increase aesthetic beauty of the vehicle interior, we offer to reupholster the sunroof lid with the materials selected by the customer.

We provide a warranty for our sunroof installation works.

Our specialists can connect an electrical system to the sunroof which will allow to easily adjust the width of the opening for the maximum comfort of passengers.

Sunroof in a minivan

Sunroof in a minibus or truck

Sunroof in a passenger car