Electrical System

Specialists of AutoComfort company offer the following solutions of the vehicle electrical system: installation of a TV monitor, car audio system, power windows, lights, neon lights, cigarette lighters, heaters, voltage converters, security systems.

When tuning the vehicle one of the most important aspects is the work of an electrician, because it is rather difficult to access electrical components in an already re-equipped interior. That is why it is recommended that all auto electronics works should be completed in advance.

Our experts will select and install car radio, auto TV and other components of the vehicle audio system (amplifiers, capacitors, subwoofers, etc.) on your car, and also they will connect a voltage inverter from 12 to 220 volts, install 12 volt outlets, heated seats, connect car security systems (parktronic, alarm system) so that everything is according to the highest standard.

When working with your car, our electrician will use only the highest quality and proven materials.


Power windows

Car lights

12 volt outlets

Heated seats

Voltage inverter

Neon lights

Audio system